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FENN President: An Authority on Spring Coilers

[row_fluid] [gallery royalslider="1" ids="3536,3534,3535,3538"] [/row_fluid]   Differences Between Single & Dual Point Spring Coilers FENN President Ryan Cutter recently had the honor of contributing to the Feature section of The Wire Journal International's January edition. In this article Cutter discusses the differences between single and dual point spring coiling systems. Previously, Cutter also gave a…
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FENN Announces New President, Ryan Cutter

FENN's New President On May 18th Quality Products, Inc. (Fenn’s parent company) CEO David Somers announced he selected Ryan Cutter to succeed Paul Uccello as President effective June 1st. After a long successful career in the aerospace and capital equipment industries, Uccello has decided to begin a bridge towards retirement, stepping down as president but…
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FENN Experiences Great Outcome at Wire

[row_fluid] [gallery royalslider="1" ids="3182,3179,3178,3176"] [/row_fluid]   Wire Expo We expected to have a good show overall, because of Wire’s ability to draw such a diverse international crowd. Although we were optimistic, the show turned out to be even better than we expected.  In the last several months, we have increased marketing resources and effort into…
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FENN Appoints Swager Sales and Application Engineer

FENN's New Engineer FENN, a leader in providing quality metal forming machinery, is pleased to appoint Matt DeLilla to the new role of Swager Sales/Application Engineer. FENN produces Swagers as a low-cost way to point, reduce and form rod, tube or wire. Swaging is a special type of forging in which metal is formed by…
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