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Have You Met FENN’s Latest Addition to the Sales Team?

FENN president Ryan Cutter is pleased to announce that Craig Watterson has recently joined the FENN team as Sales Manager. Craig brings 14 years of sales expertise to FENN and is excited to take on his new role within the team. Originally from Scotland, Craig has lived and worked across the globe, before moving to…
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Single and Dual Point Spring Coilers

Deciding Between Single Point and Dual Point Coilers: Across a variety of industries, spring makers rely on quality coiling equipment to create high-quality springs for their customers. Around the world, people have been making springs for decades with the primary difference being the manufacturing methodology. On a basic level, there are two widely recognized methods…
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Right Lane Industries Diversifies its Portfolio in 2019

January 2019 – FENN’s parent company, Right Lane Industries (RLI) is pleased to announce the recent acquisitions of the USA based companies AB Stretch and Schlegel Specialty Products. With the latest addition of these two subsidiaries to the division, RLI is now the parent company of three capital equipment businesses and two industrial consumable businesses.…
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Fully Automated Turn-Key Solutions for Engineering Applications

For over a century, FENN has been a leader in the machinery industry because of the unmatched quality in customized solutions they provide for each customer. Though already a renowned producer of a broad range of Rolling Mills, Drawbenches, Swagers, and other metal forming machinery, FENN is delving into another market: automation. FENN is now offering fully…
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