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The Anatomy of a FENN Swager

The Anatomy of a FENN Swager What is a Swaging Machine? Over decades, rotary swaging has been developed and refined. The FENN swager has become a basic precision production machine capable of producing finished work to tolerances of +/- .001”. The range of swaging operations includes reducing, pointing, tapering, sizing, assembling, bonding, and forming I.D.…
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Advantages of Wire Flattening & Shaping Lines

FENN Wire Flattening & Shaping Lines Turks heads are often included as one component of a wire flattening and shaping line. Different functions of a turks head can include: Drawing rod or wire through rolls to form rectangular, diamond, or specialty shapes. Edging, embossing, or tempering flat strip. Sizing and edging rectangular wire.   Turks…
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Swaging & Crimping: What’s the Difference?

There are many methods to shaping, forming, and joining metals. Two metal forming methods that have similar concepts but are used for very different applications are swaging and crimping. Both swaging and crimping are “chipless” methods to metal forming, they displace the material by sheer force rather than cutting it away, so there are no…
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Maximize Your Swager’s Productivity

Maximize the Productivity of Your Swaging Process: Incorporate Feeders Optimize your swaging operation and increase operator safety with feeding systems from FENN! Whether you are considering updating existing swaging machinery or purchasing new, FENN recommends all swagers have a feeding system. Feeding systems not only to promote safety by isolating the operator from the material,…
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