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A Mini-Series: Torin’s Take on Torsion Springs

If you look around there is a good chance that you will see items that contain a spring. Springs are common components to everyday objects – most pens have springs, your cell phone has some, your TV remote, clothes pins, non-aerosol hairspray bottles, staplers, thermostats, cars, and many other commonplace items. Each week this “Mini-Series”…
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Laboratory Rolling Mills for Research & Development

Using FENN Laboratory Rolling Mills for Research and Development For over a century, FENN has been proud to offer a wide range of customized metal forming machinery to suit a variety of industries. Rolling Mills are an essential piece of equipment when conducting metallurgical research in university laboratories. FENN Rolling Mills are available in a…
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Visit FENN at the CASMI Trade Show and See Our Torin Coilers in Action

Every two years, CASMI (Chicago Association of Spring Manufacturers, Inc.) puts on a trade show dedicated to the spring manufacturing industry. This year, FENN (also a sponsor) will have a booth and interactive display set up so you can learn more about spring making machines and how they can improve your business processes. About the CASMI SpringWorld Trade Show CASMI is a non-profit organization…
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