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Repeat Customer Purchases FENN Drawbench

Hydraulic Multi-Draw Bench – Capable of 4 Simultaneous Draws

Download the study here: Case Study – Multi-Draw Drawbench

Objectives & Background:

  • A repeat customer approached FENN looking for a solution to increase production quantities and drawing capabilities.
  • The customer wanted to incorporate modern technologies into their process for more efficiency.
  • Their existing drawbenches only had capability to draw a single tube with each production pass.
  • Having purchased and worked with FENN machinery previously, the customer decided to add a FENN multi-draw drawbench to their production.

FENN’s Solution:

  • After multiple design reviews with the customer, FENN proposed a multi-draw drawbench capable of four simultaneous draws.
  • The rigid frame can draw higher loads without affecting the structure of the drawbench.
  • The modern multi-draw drawbench allows the customer to process more tubes per pass and take larger reductions.
  • FENN integrated many features to promote efficiency with this system – the four-track bench can be controlled with a single HMI.
  • FENN’s unique solution includes lifter trays used to automatically support & lower the finished tube to an unloader for ease of part removal.

Value to Customer:

  • The customer received a new multi-draw FENN drawbench equipped with the latest software and technologies.
  • Although control is possible with a single HMI screen, two HMI monitors are available for dual operator production – for increased vantage points.
  • Pre-programmed pass schedules enable different, yet simultaneous, track runs.
  • The automated bench minimizes operator input and allows drawing of a single bar at variable speeds, which enables flexibility and efficiency within the drawing process.
    • The operator can increase and reduce flow rate, ramp up & ramp down drawing speeds, for complete control over the drawing process.
  • When the draw cycle is complete, the gripper is pre-programmed to return to the start position for the next run.

Example of a Multi-Draw Drawbench: