FENN Solutions

Winamac Coil Spring, Inc.

Purchases New R-24 Dual Point Spring Coiler

Download the study here: Torin Spring Coiler: R-24 Dual Point Coiler

Objectives & Background:

  • A repeat customer approached FENN looking for a solution to increase spring production with the purchase of a new machine.
  • To meet production quotas, the customer decided to purchase a second, 24-sized dual point spring coiler to add to their production.
  • The customer required a dual point coiler with wire range capabilities from .250 – .625 inches.

FENN’s Solution:

  • FENN refined the design of a previous R-24 dual point to fit a smaller footprint and provide cost-savings to the customer.
  • With the customer’s production requirements in mind, FENN designed a machine capable of producing several different types of compression springs with varying wire diameters.
  • For maximum productivity and minimum changeover time, FENN designed this coiler with 7 servo motor axes.
  • The latest Torin software was implemented into a new 19-inch touch screen display.

Value to Customer:

  • The customer received a new Revolution Series Torin Dual Point Spring coiler, complete with a two-year machine warranty.
  • The machine increased customer’s productivity.
  • The new Torin coiler comes complete with FENN’s multiple grooved wire line tooling and a moveable feed roll box with storable position.
    • Wire size changes do not require wire line tooling changes, which reduces set-up time.
  • Also included is moveable cut block and arbor with storable positions.
  • The Revolution Series software and control system with touchscreen controls are state-of-the-art technology but still utilize familiar Torin CNC spring programming – making training easy for current Torin operators.
  • The coiler comes complete with remote access via internet for immediate machine support & diagnostics from FENN.
  • The Torin R-24 coiler has left-hand and right-hand coiling capabilities.

Example of a Torin R-24 Spring Coiler: