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Repeat Customer Upgrades Machine

Torin 115-CNC Spring Coiler Upgraded

Download the study here: Torin Spring Coiler: 115 CNC Coiler Upgrade

Objectives & Background:

  • A repeat customer approached FENN looking for a solution to increase efficiency and output with their spring coiling operations and eliminate the use of hydraulics in their machine.
  • To meet production quotas, the customer decided to upgrade an existing Torin spring coiler.
  • Older worn parts caused mechanical issues in the aging machine that resulted in poor quality springs.
  • The 20-year age of the machine meant there were obsolete electrical components that made it difficult to support.
  • The dated 115-CNC coiler had slower production rates than Torin’s current generation of FZ Series coilers, which meant there was significant room for improvement.

FENN’s Solution:

  • FENN completed an electrical and mechanical inspection of the machine, to fully understand the state of the equipment.
  • After inspection, FENN provided a customized proposal of necessary upgrades to ensure maximum productivity for the customer’s coiling process.
  • Because obsolete hydraulics cause unwanted maintenance costs and productivity issues, FENN replaced the hydraulics on the original CNC coiler with a servo-motor driven cut.
  • The latest Torin software was implemented into a new 19-inch touch screen display.

Value to Customer:

  • The customer received a fully supportable spring coiler, both electrically and mechanically.
  • The upgraded coiler has more efficient production rates, with decreased setup times.
    • Compression springs are being produced at least 4x faster than the coiler was capable of before the upgrade.
  • The modern Torin FZ Series electrical and software components are much more reliable, resulting in increased uptime and maximized productivity.
    • Torin’s latest software combines new high-tech features with classic CNC style programming, making training easy for current Torin operators.
  • The customer gained access to new features of the FZ Series, as part of the upgrade process, including remote access for equipment and software support.
  • A 2-year warranty comes standard on all new components, providing peace of mind to the customer.

Example of a Torin CNC Control Upgrade: