FENN’s Partnerships

Fenn will continue its long standing relationship with TS Precision Co., Ltd as the distributor of their Proforma line of stamping and forming machinery in North America. TS Precision Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of high quality, high precision strip and wire stamping and forming machinery. Located in Iwakuni, Japan, TS Precision has been supplying equipment to hundreds of customers in diverse industries worldwide for several decades. As an exclusive North American distributor for TS Precision, Fenn is proud to provide technical sales, support and assistance to all their customers in the region.

TS Precision Co., Ltd has earned a solid reputation in the metal forming industry for dependability and performance. With a heavy emphasis on engineering, TS Precision has the experience and capability to handle any application, from simple parts up to turnkey projects including multi-part forming, handling, and assembly on the machine. Examples of Proforma machinery applications include electrical and electronic parts, automobile parts, building hardware, and stationary and general merchandise.

Fenn’s Director of Sales, Darcy Sordo, commented on the continued relationship, “We are very pleased to maintain our successful partnership with TS Precision Co., Ltd and we look forward to ongoing sales, service and support for customers of the Proforma line of equipment.” Fenn welcomes the opportunity to discuss customer applications and how the versatile line of TS Precision equipment can help cut costs, improve quality, increase production, and raise profits. For more information on the TS Precision Products, please visit their website HERE.