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SMI Expo

The 2015 SMI Metal Engineering Expo was held October 19-22nd, Hosting SMI members, spring manufacturers, wire form manufacturers, OEM’s and customers of spring, and wire and stamping manufacturers from across the world.

Among other machinery makers, wire distributers and makers of ancillary equipment to the spring industry, FENN stood out with its newest technology on display. The Torin FZ Series “Gen 2” Spring Coiler was on display for the first time, and SMI show goers were able to get an exclusive first look.

Torin has been a well-known brand in the spring industry for several decades, but it was important to bring a new, sleek design with added features for user efficiency.

Key Features of the Generation 2 Machine:
Coilers available to accommodate wire diameter ranging from .003” to .750”
• Easier-to-access grease points to keep your machine in top shape
• New ergonomic guard promotes safety in your shop
• Sleek, updated styling from an American work horse
• Intuitive state-of-the-art controls
• Fast and simple program creation
• Integrated tool tray for added convenience
• Left hand configuration now available for special applications
• Your length gauge is easy to view atop Torin’s built-in mount
FENN is always committed to creating an enjoyable experience for its customer and visitors. FENN accommodated event attendees at Booth #801 with meeting capability within an enclosed meeting space, Raffle prizes such as a Fenn Ladies Gift basket, Fenn Golf Swag, and a Go-Pro Hero. The booth experienced high traffic with interested buyers and industry friends.

If you weren’t able to check out the Generation 2 machine at the show, schedule a shop tour today!

Contact Melanie at: 860.259.6592 or Melanie.Hoben@www.fenn-torin.com