Since the 1950s, Torin has been supplying constant force coilers – a specially designed coiler for manufacturing constant force springs. FENN has developed the CF-Series of coilers into reliable machines capable of making top-quality constant force springs. As part of FENN’s unique design, the same set of feed rolls can be used for the entire range of the machine – there is no need to change rolls for varying thickness of material.

Torin produces an array of CF-Series coilers including the CF-11, CF-115 & CF-12 models, covering a material range of .005” thick by .250” wide to .040” thick by 2.00” wide. Material outside of these ranges can be accommodated. As a note, the customer’s required model size is dependent upon other factors, other than material thickness. FENN’s experienced engineers can design additional model sizes for specific customer production requirements.

The specially designed CF-Series coiler is used for manufacturing constant force springs, a type of spring that applies even torque at any extension. FENN’s design of the constant force machine ensures parallelism of the feed rolls to maintain material alignment during production. As part of FENN’s unique design, to complete the forming process, a press station can be designed to accommodate customer die sets. Customized I.O. is integrated into the machine to control additional aspects of production such as part checking and exit chutes.

Industries including consumer, automotive, and hardware rely on quality constant force springs for a variety of applications. For flexibility and ease of use, the Torin CF-Series of coilers can be fed from both the left and right-hand side of the machine. At FENN we are proud to offer complete packing with our Torin line of constant force coiling solutions. Complete packaging can include the machine, payoffs, ovens, press & guiding, and exit chutes.

When you purchase a Torin coiler, you’re not only buying a machine – you’re making an investment in a trusted brand. At FENN we understand that purchasing new equipment can be a daunting decision, however we strive to make the process a little easier by including many added conveniences, such as multiple sets of tools, and training with the purchase of every new machine. Choose training at your facility or ours! FENN stands behind the quality and workmanship of new machines – providing a 2-year warranty on all new spring coilers. We know that questions come up and issues arise, which is why we make support a priority. From remote access support & diagnostics over the internet to onsite service calls and complimentary phone support, our team of local, factory trained service technicians are here to maximize your uptime & productivity. Contact us today to learn which Torin coiler is the best fit for your operation!