Metal Forming Equipment In The
Medical Device Industry


Our innovative metal forming equipment is instrumental to the medical device industry. For over 100 years, we have been providing our customized machinery to companies producing medical devices used in almost every specialty, including (but not limited to): orthodontic wires, replacement joints, catheters, stents, cosmetic applicators, cardiovascular devices, and endoscopy scopes.

We know the importance of quality in any manufacturing, but especially when it comes to medical devices. Our commitment to precision and perfection paired with our ability to create a customized piece of machinery to meet our clients’ exact specifications makes us an ideal partner for the medical device industry.

Our turks heads, swagers, wire flattening and shaping lines, and spring coilers are being used worldwide to help medical device producers increase their efficiency and profitability without ever sacrificing quality.

To find out more about how our turks heads, swaging equipment, wire flattening and shaping lines, or spring coilers can improve the efficiency and quality of your medical device production, contact FENN now.

Our turks heads play a valuable role in the medical device industry because they are supremely accurate, extremely adjustable, and create metal that is of superior quality. Turks heads use a draw die technique, yet they incorporate two pairs of rolls, one vertical and one horizontal, to provide even more options for the medical device industry. The product of our turks heads can be seen on:

  • Shaped wire for orthodontic devices
  • Various medical devices
  • Eye glass frames
Our swagers have many uses in the medical device industry. Swagers are popular because they can shape or resize tubes, rods, and wires without any waste. Not only are our swagers cost effective, the end product offers an impeccable grain structure and strength, which is vital in the medical device industry. Our swagers have been used to make:

  • Catheter bans
  • Hypodermic needles
  • Optical instruments
  • Dental water picks
Flat wire has many uses in medical devices, and our wire flattening and shaping lines play a crucial in creating them. Our wire flattening and shaping lines use extreme precision to make high-quality wires out of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. In the medical device industry, reliability and quality are of the utmost importance, which is exactly what our wire flattening and shaping lines have to offer—and with a full line of optional accessories, there is no requirement too demanding.

Torin spring coilers are used for various applications throughout the medical industry. Torin spring coilers have the earned reputation of being reliable, repeatable machines that produce precise and accurate springs. Precision is crucial in the medical industry.

The Torin FZ-100 sized spring coiler can produce springs with stainless steel with a wire diameter of .003” to .015” (.076mm to .38mm).

The Torin FZ-10 sized spring coiler can produce springs with stainless steel with a wire diameter of .008” to .028” (.20mm to .70mm).

Some common examples of medical applications include:

  • Catheter guide wires
  • Hypodermic retractable springs for use in “single Use” needles
  • Dental arches
  • Medical tools

Torin spring coilers can be integrated with additional equipment to provide a secondary process to ensure clean and sanitized products.

Our trusted Torin spring coilers offer an efficient, customizable method for producing quality springs. The highly adaptable FZ series was designed for fast set-up and changeover of springs using the powerful 19-inch touch screen interface. The Torin FZ series spring coiler can quickly produce a wide variety of springs and wire forms on a single wire coiling machine, all with uncompromised accuracy, repeatability and flexibility. Learn more about our FZ series here.