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A Mini-Series: Torin’s Take on Compression Springs

In this edition of "Springs, Springs, Springs!" Torin discusses the topic of compression springs. Compression Springs: A compression spring is one of the most basic and widely recognized types of springs, it is simply a spring that compresses. When compressed, this type of spring will exert force in opposite directions while trying to return to its ... Read More

A Mini-Series: Torin’s Take on Torsion Springs

If you look around there is a good chance that you will see items that contain a spring. Springs are common components to everyday objects – most pens have springs, your cell phone has some, your TV remote, clothes pins, non-aerosol hairspray bottles, staplers, thermostats, cars, and many other commonplace items. Each week this “Mini-Series” ... Read More

Visit FENN at FABTECH 2019 to See Our Fully Automated, Turn-Key Swaging Solution

FABTECH will take place November 11th through the 14th, 2019 in Chicago, and will bring a wealth of innovative metal manufacturers together. This year, FENN will be in attendance and will join more than 48,000 attendees and 1,700 exhibitors who gather to display this year’s latest metal manufacturing technology. If you will be at this ... Read More

Single and Dual Point Spring Coilers

Deciding Between Single Point and Dual Point Coilers: Across a variety of metal forming industries, spring makers rely on quality coiling equipment to create high-quality springs for their customers. Around the world, people have been making springs for decades with the primary difference being the manufacturing methodology. On a basic level, there are two widely recognized methods ... Read More

Laboratory Rolling Mills for Research & Development

Using FENN Laboratory Rolling Mills for Research and Development For over a century, FENN has been proud to offer a wide range of customized metal forming machinery to suit a variety of industries. Rolling Mills are an essential piece of equipment when conducting metallurgical research in university laboratories. FENN Rolling Mills are available in a wide ... Read More