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Rolling Mills: What They Are & How They Work

For more than a century, FENN has been in the business of designing and building rugged, dependable metal forming machinery. One of FENN’s most popular product lines is Rolling Mills. FENN offers a wide range of standard and custom size Rolling Mills for a variety of applications including heavy ingot breakdown, laboratory research, coil to ... Read More

Torin’s Latest Coilers

Speed, Precision, & Innovation With a 120-year legacy in providing quality metal forming machinery, FENN is dedicated to improvement and innovation. Expanding the existing offerings of Torin’s FZ-generation of coilers, FENN is pleased to offer the newly redesigned FZ-100, FZ-10, and FZ-810 single point coilers (Torin also offers dual point coilers!). During the engineering phase, FENN’s ... Read More

Multi-Stand Lead Lines From FENN

Over the past century FENN has had experience designing and building customized metal forming machinery, including lead lines for a variety of industries. FENN has manufactured dozens of lead rolling lines within the last decade. Mills have been supplied for both continuous strip and cast ingot. Strip rolling is the mechanical process of reducing the ... Read More

How To Care For Your FENN Mill

How To Care For Your FENN Rolling Mill FENN is proud to design and build 2-HI & 4-HI cold or hot rolling mills, custom mills, and mill lines, as well as offer rolling mill upgrades for aging equipment. Whether you have a new or existing FENN rolling mill, there are recommended routine maintenance tasks that should ... Read More

The Anatomy of a FENN Swager

The Anatomy of a FENN Swager What is a Swaging Machine? Over decades, rotary swaging has been developed and refined. The FENN swager has become a basic precision production machine capable of producing finished work to tolerances of +/- .001”. The range of swaging operations includes reducing, pointing, tapering, sizing, assembling, bonding, and forming I.D. contours – ... Read More