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Swaging & Crimping: What’s the Difference?

There are many methods to shaping, forming, and joining metals. Two metal forming methods that have similar concepts but are used for very different applications are swaging and crimping. Both swaging and crimping are “chipless” methods to metal forming, they displace the material by sheer force rather than cutting it away, so there are no ... Read More

Maximize Your Swager’s Productivity

Maximize the Productivity of Your Swaging Process: Incorporate Feeders Optimize your swaging operation and increase operator safety with feeding systems from FENN! Whether you are considering updating existing swaging machinery or purchasing new, FENN recommends all swagers have a feeding system. Feeding systems not only to promote safety by isolating the operator from the material, but ... Read More

Tips for Purchasing Capital Equipment

Tips for Purchasing Capital Equipment For over a century, FENN has been proud to offer a wide variety of metal forming equipment to serve customers across various industries. For many metal forming customers, this means customizable machinery that is designed and built specifically for their individual manufacturing requirements. Our experienced team of engineers design a solution unique to your process. Although FENN offers some standard model machines, often customers find that a customized solution provides more of a competitive advantage and increased ... Read More

FENN Turks Heads: How They Work, Types, Models & Uses

Turks Heads In the metal forming industry, a turks head is very versatile and useful piece of machinery. Whether it is used on its own or in conjunction with a larger line of metal forming equipment, a turks head machine permits forming directly from round to square, rectangles, and special shapes. When compared to other forming ... Read More

Different Types of Swaging Machines

Swaging Machines Different Types of Swagers FENN offers a variety of different types and sizes of swagers to be used for the pointing of tube, rod, and wire for redraw. Swaging machines can also be used to shape, reduce, taper, bond, or form metal parts. Unlike other methods, swaging uses a rapid succession of hammer strikes to ... Read More