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Different Types of Swaging Machines

Swaging Machines Different Types of Swagers FENN offers a variety of different types and sizes of swagers to be used for the pointing of tube, rod, and wire for redraw. Swaging machines can also be used to shape, reduce, taper, bond, or form metal parts. Unlike other methods, swaging uses a rapid succession of hammer strikes to ... Read More

A Mini-Series: Torin’s Take on Magazine & Conveyor Springs

Magazine and Conveyor Belt Springs In this edition of “Springs, Springs, Springs!” Torin discusses the topic of magazine and conveyor belt springs. Magazine and Conveyor Belt Springs: Magazine springs, commonly thought of for their use in firearms, can also be manufactured for use in conveyor belts. Aesthetically, a conveyor spring differs from a magazine spring by the ... Read More

What is a Rolling Mill Used For?

Rolling Mills What is a Rolling Mill Used For? Rolling mills are used to roll hot or cold ferrous or non-ferrous strips, wires and even rods. Depending on the type of mill it could be used for hot or cold breakdown and finishing of bar, sheet or strip. They can also be used for finish rolling of ... Read More

Different Types of Rolling Mills & What They Do

Rolling Mills FENN offers a full range of custom rolling mills for the production of precision strip in straight lengths or coil to coil rolling. Every rolling mill machine is designed with features to maximize uptime and increase production quantities. FENN rolling mills are available for a variety of materials, and a wide range of applications, ... Read More

A Mini-Series: Torin’s Take on
Compression Springs

Compression Springs In this edition of "Springs, Springs, Springs!" Torin discusses the topic of compression springs. Compression Springs: A compression spring is one of the most basic and widely recognized types of springs, it is simply a spring that compresses. When compressed, this type of spring will exert force in opposite directions while trying to return to ... Read More