FENN Rolling Mill Accessories

Rolling Mill Equipment & Accessories

When it comes to rolling material, FENN Rolling Mill line accessories can improve quality and efficiency while flattening and shaping wire. FENN engineers have long recognized that proper rolling mill accessory equipment can increase the efficiency and product quality of any rolling mill. Don’t limit your mill’s potential by neglecting to consider the benefits of ancillary equipment. Contact FENN to learn how accessory options could reduce your labor costs while increasing your business’ production quantity, quality and profit. Below are the industry’s ten most popular ancillary options to incorporate into your mill.

  1. Dancer


    Dancer Roll Mechanisms – Automatically synchronizes the speed of the wire flattening line relative to each driven unit and maintains constant set tension of the wire. Available in both mill or floor mounted models.

  2. Wire Guide and Straightener – Mounted at the entry side of the mill to guide and remove cast and helix in the wire ensuring a straight path to the mill. Can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and are available in several sizes.
  3. Traversing Take-Up Reel

    Traversing Take-Up Reel

    Traversing Take-Up Reel – Collects the finished material on a spool or collapsing drum. Provides precision side by side winding of flat material. Can be operated without the traversing feature for pancake winding of tape, ribbon, or strip. Available in a range of sizes.

  4. Electromechanical Screwdown – Provides for precise adjustment of roll gap. Roll adjustment is made by either single or dual servo motors, each operating through worm gear reducers. Roll levelling facilities are provided.
  5. Servo Hydraulic Screwdown – For precise and rapid setting of roll gap with a constant downward force and no spring back. A pressure transducer is built into each cylinder to measure force. Additionally, this allows for features such as, automatic pass scheduling and gauge control.
  6. Edgers


    Edgers – Can be driven or undriven depending upon the application and used to control the width and edge profile of the material. Consists of two vertical axis rolls which are grooved to the edge profile required.

  7. Turks Head

    Turks Head

    Turks Head – For the direct formation from round or pre-flattened material to squares, rectangles, and special shapes. Can be used individually or incorporated into existing or new mill lines. Pull-through or power-driven models available.

  8. Gauging Systems – Various types available to measure the finished product in two axes at the exit end of the line and indicate and record dimensions. Also used to provide automatic gauge control if the mills are equipped with power screwdown adjustment.