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Torin FZ-10 Spring Coiler

The newly redesigned Torin FZ-10 is now available exclusively from FENN! The coiler made its debut at the SMI show in Pittsburgh, PA in early October 2019. If you missed it, watch the video here. The new Gen. 2 coiler includes the same wire capabilities as the previous generation FZ-10, while improvements have been made to the functionality and overall design of the machine. The Torin name brings an expectation of durability and reliability – this coiler does not disappoint.

So, what are the differences you can expect from the Gen. 1 FZ-10 to the new Gen. 2 model? FENN’s engineering department made many upgrades with the needs of our customers in mind!

For starters, the Gen. 2 boasts a smaller footprint than its predecessor, the Gen. 1 FZ-10. This smaller footprint makes the new FZ-10 easy to squeeze into shops where floor space is a premium. The most exciting updates have to do with machine speed and production capabilities. FENN’s in-house engineering department opted to redesign the coiler to have greater torque to inertia ratio, allowing for faster production rates while maintaining the consistent accuracy that Torin is known and trusted for. The Gen. 2 FZ-10 can produce over 100,000 PPH!

With technology constantly evolving, FENN has equipped the Gen. 2 FZ-10 with updated, faster computer processing to accommodate a diverse range of coiling requirements. Industries using an FZ-10 to produce small springs and wire forms include automotive, general consumer, medical, dental and cosmetic. Applications can include small springs for pens and electronics, springs for components used in cars, small wire pins and springs, and dental arches.

This competitively priced, cost-effective Torin coiler could be just what your shop needs to increase productivity. Wondering how fast the Gen. 2 FZ-10 can make your springs? Send your spring drawings to sales@fenn-torin.com and we can calculate expected production rates for your parts! Contact FENN today to learn more about our wide range of Torin coilers and our complete line of customizable metal forming machinery.