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About FENN: Located in East Berlin, Connecticut, USA. FENN is a global supplier of rugged, innovative, state-of-the-art metal forming machinery, custom engineered and precisely manufactured for your unique application. With over 120 years of experience, our experts can help make your complex metal forming processes a reality. With decades of proven results, and thousands of installations, you can trust FENN's expert staff to have the process knowledge necessary to help you reach your production goals and meet critical tolerances.

Today, FENN is headquartered in East Berlin, Connecticut, USA with agents available across the globe to provide world class sales and service to support your projects and goals. FENN is proud to design and build every machine at their Connecticut, USA location. Contact us today to see how FENN can meet your metal forming needs!

FENN's Product Lines:

  • Rolling Mills- Hot or cold rolling of ferrous and nonferrous strip or wire
  • Wire Flattening & Shaping Lines- Form natural flat or shaped wire
  • Turks Heads- Form a variety of shapes directly from round wire at high production speeds
  • Torin® Spring Coilers- Produce several types of springs on a single machine
  • Drawbenches- Straight length die-drawing of round rod, wire or tube
  • Swagers- A cost effective way to form parts out of tube, rod or wire
  • Upgrade & Remanufacture- Mechanical and/or electronic rework of your old machine
  • Service & PM Programs- To keep your equipment running at peak performance
  • Spare Parts- Prompt service on stock or replacement parts


Our Goal: 

FENN's goal is to develop enduring partnerships with clients to increase their production quality, quantity, and profitability by providing metal forming solutions through the expert application of the latest method technologies and precision engineered machinery.

FENN's History:

In 1900, Wilson Fenn founded FENN Technologies, a small machine shop in Hartford, Connecticut. In addition to metalforming machinery, FENN also produced flight critical assemblies for airplanes in World War II. In 2001, FENN was acquired by SPX Corporation.

In 2003, FENN acquired BHS-Torin of Farmington, Connecticut. Also a supplier of rolling mills, wire flattening & shaping equipment, and the well-known Torin® brand of spring coilers. Additionally, FENN was able to add experienced staff to their team and more product offerings to their line.

Today, FENN is owned by Right Lane Industries, a division of Right Lane Capital. Right Lane Industries (RLI) is an American based holding company with a portfolio of like-minded American manufacturing companies. RLI's other business units include:

  • AB STRETCHmanufacturer of machine and hand applied stretch film.
  • Bold Renewables, is a North American leader in the servicing of solar inverters, primarily supporting fields generating utility power.
  • MULTIPRESSsuppliers of hi-tech hydraulic and electrical control presses including a full line of bench, floor model and 4-post configurations.
  • Pacific Press Technologies, producers of hydraulic press brakes, shears and presses.
  • Schlegel Specialty Products, uses innovative textile, plastics, and foam technologies to weave, form and manufacture a wide variety of components for office equipment, electronics and automotive parts.