Wedge Shaped Wire Industry

Wedge shaped wire created on FENN wire flattening and shaping lines are trusted by countless industries today, including the oil & water filtration industry. In many areas throughout the world, there continues to be high demand for both oil and water well screens. Fossil fuels as well as basic water, are essentials of daily human life across the globe, creating high demand for companies within these industries. We have helped a wide variety of companies in this market to meet this ever-growing demand with our wire flattening and shaping equipment.

Below are a few examples of the many applications for wedge shaped wire.

A screen filter is a technical device for mechanically freeing liquids from suspended solid materials. Screen filters are advantageous compared to other techniques because they require no consumables. They can be cleaned by reverse flow rinsing.

For filtration purposes, the wedge-shaped wire is utilized for both solids such as coal as well as liquids such as oil or water. They are typically made with stainless steel wire.

Screen filters consist of closely packed parallel filter wires which are welded onto carrier wires beneath them. In most cases the filter wires have a triangular cross section. The triangular geometry of the filter wires has the advantage that the actual filter gap is very short which reduces the likelihood of filter blockage.

In the textile industry, wedge shaped wire is used in the production of non-woven fiber, textile carding serves for the first alignment of the loose textile fibers to a pile. The wedge-shaped wire is used in machines simply referred to as carding machines.

With our wire flattening and shaping equipment, wire is rolled into profile wire on which teeth are stamped in further production steps. Because the “teeth” formed on the wedge wire are wearable, induction heating techniques are used in the tooth area to ensure longevity.

FENN’s application and design engineers rely on decades of experience to create a customized line for each of our client’s requirements. Whether a wire flattening and shaping line is needed for wedge wire to be used in the water or oil filtration industry, textile industry or any other, our engineers take the time to fully understand the application and project requirements. Based on the starting size, and the desired end shape, our engineers create an arrangement of rolling mills and turks heads to get the job done. Each time the wire passes through one of the components of the machine, the wire is further reduced and shaped, making it another step closer to its final profile. We integrate SPC and AGC measuring equipment to ensure precision and accuracy in every production run.

Our company is proud to have created customized metal forming solutions for a long list of companies who produce their own well screen wire, card clothing wire, and other wedge wire. Contact us today to learn more about how FENN can provide a metal forming solution designed specifically for your business’ requirements.

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