FENN is a global manufacturer of high-quality custom metal forming machinery based in East Berlin, Connecticut. FENN has over 120 years of experience providing specialized metalworking equipment to a broad range of industries. Our team of metal forming machinery engineers has the expertise to design and build equipment for the most unique applications. The metal forming machines, steel rolling mills, wire shaping equipment, and swaging machines FENN has produced over the years come backed by decades of success for our customers.

No matter how complex your metal forming requirements are, FENN can design and build a custom machine for your application. FENN has crafted rolling mill machines, spring coiling machines, and various types of forming equipment for the manufacturing industry with close attention to detail and expert customer service. Our goal is to build lasting partnerships with our customers and help them expand their production capabilities while meeting manufacturing quotas more efficiently and producing quality parts with FENN’s custom metal forming equipment.

FENN is a leader among swaging equipment, rolling mill machinery, and custom metal forming equipment manufacturers in the United States and globally. If you have an intricate metalworking process that demands finely crafted machinery, FENN can work with your team to develop a machine built to your requirements and backed by our service & support team.

If you are interested in learning more about our machines, the level of customization we offer, and what we can do for your manufacturing process, contact us via email at sales@fenn-torin.com, or phone 860.259.6600