Military Applications Industry

FENN is proud to reflect on 120 years of know-how in the construction of specialized metal forming machinery. Within the past several decades, we have had the privilege of completing many defense/military related projects. We have and we continue to develop customized metal forming equipment for a wide range of military applications. As a manufacturer of complete metal forming solutions, we develop and construct customized equipment systems in close collaboration with our customers.

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Military Fighter Jet

Through a long, illustrious history, we have supported military defense efforts by supplying metal forming equipment that helps produce the weapons, armor, aircraft and vehicles that are relied upon in critical situations.

Our experienced staff understand the need for high-quality, precise parts, and ensure that FENN’s metal forming machinery is robust in its construction and highly accurate in its production. Our applications engineers take the time to fully understand your project & output goals, material requirements, training and installation needs and budget when developing your metal forming solution. Whether defense/military applications call for production or research-type equipment, our experienced team of engineers is here to support you and develop the right machine for your application.

Some of FENN’s military/defense applications include:

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