Purchasing a new metal forming machine, having a metal forming machine upgraded or looking for information on one of our product lines? For over a century FENN has been dedicated to providing customized metal forming solutions with expert customer service. Below are 10 common questions FENN receives.

1. What information should I have readily available when I call FENN? FENN frequently receives inquiries related to purchasing spare parts or a new machine.

SPARE PARTS:  If you are looking for information related to spare parts for an existing machine, the following information will help us expedite your request:

  • Photo of part you are replacing, if possible.
  • Serial Number
  • Machine Model
  • Part Number or name of part sought
  • Type of Machine

NEW MACHINES: For inquiries related to the purchase of a new machine the following information will help us expedite your request:

  • Describe the process you are currently using, if applicable
  • The intended application of the machine
  • The material you intend to use with your machine
  • The desired starting and finishing product size or dimensions
  • Provide a drawing of the part or product your intend to make, if possible

2. Where should I begin the process of purchasing a new machine if I have a custom application?

  • Refer to question 1.
  • When applicable, FENN’s experienced engineers can visit your business to learn more about your application or you can visit us! We are committed to working with you through every step of the process to ensure our final solution meets your expectations.

3. Will FENN design a customized metal forming machine for my application?

  • Absolutely—Designing custom machines for unique applications has been FENN’s expertise for over 100 years. We regularly work with clients to develop one-of-a-kind solutions that help give their business a valuable advantage in the marketplace.
  • FENN is experienced in servicing a wide range of industries—to learn more about applications related to the different industries we serve visit our Industries page.

4. Can my older FENN or Torin machine be rebuilt or retrofitted?

We offer rebuilds and retrofits for any FENN or Torin® product. Our experts work with each client to design a custom rebuild or retrofit package to suit their unique requirements. To learn more about our upgrades click here.

5. Does FENN offer training for machine operators?

Training is available anytime! Whether you have purchased a new machine, upgraded an existing machine, or your experienced staff is retiring, FENN is always happy to offer training services for our equipment. Visit our Services page to learn more about training programs offered by FENN.

6. What type of warranty does FENN offer?

  • FENN provides varying warranties depending on the type of metal forming equipment purchased. To learn the details, call us today! +1 860.406.7257
  • Every new FENN machine is accompanied by a warranty

7. Where are FENN machines designed and built?

Our experienced team at our East Berlin, Connecticut, USA headquarters designs and builds all FENN and Torin metal forming machinery. Learn more about our long history on our About page.

8. Can I customize the paint color of my machine?

  • FENN paints all new metal forming equipment a combination of its standard colors: black, gray, and red. Color scheme and graphic design vary by machine. FENN’s official colors are:
    – ANSI 61, Gray
    – RAL 9005, Jet Black
    – RAL 3031, Orient Red
  • Other colors are available upon request. Contact FENN for additional details.

9. If my application is sensitive, can I be assured that FENN will work on my project in confidentiality?

Having worked with several government agencies, research facilities and private businesses on highly sensitive applications, you can rest assured knowing that your proprietary information will remain confidential to FENN. We are happy to enter into a non-disclosure agreement with our clients as required.

10. What kind of service does FENN offer on its equipment?

FENN is staffed with a team of service technicians to ensure that your equipment is running with accuracy, efficiency and quality. Learn about our full range of machine services.