Aerospace Industry

For over 120 years, FENN has created manufacturing solutions for the aerospace industry, beginning with flight critical assemblies for airplanes in WWII. Since then, our metal forming equipment has earned a high-quality reputation and formidable presence in the aerospace manufacturing industry. We are backed by over a century of experience. Our knowledge and expertise are unmatched throughout the machinery manufacturing industry.

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Today, our metal forming machinery continues to play an important role in the production of reliable components used in the aerospace field. Top suppliers and OEMs trust FENN’s metal forming machines to create their critical aerospace components. Our experienced engineers design state-of-the-art machinery to fit our clients’ exact requirements and specifications. We have had the privilege of working with a variety of companies in the field of aerospace to create components for both civilian and military aircrafts.

Some examples of the roles FENN metal forming machinery has played in the aerospace field include:

  • Turks Head Mills can be used to create titanium sections for use in aircraft frames.
  • Rolling Mills utilized for:
    • Laboratory testing of new alloys suitable for aircraft construction
    • Creating turbine blades in jet engines
    • The production of fuel cells in aircraft
  • FENN Swagers can be used to:
    • Swage fittings onto corrosion resistant, nonmagnetic wire rope for aircraft control system applications and aerospace control cables
    • Swage control rods
    • Swage fluid transfer tubing
  • Torin spring coilers can be used for making various springs that are used in aircrafts.

Trust the experts at FENN to have the experience and know-how to meet all of your aerospace production needs. To learn more about how our metal forming equipment can be used or customized to your aerospace application, contact us today.

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