Agricultural Applications Industry

Agriculture remains central to the lives and livelihoods of many hardworking people across the globe. FENN takes great pride in having the opportunity to support an industry so prominent in the daily life of the population. With over 120 years of experience in creating customized metal forming machinery solutions, we have helped agricultural equipment and commodity manufacturers efficiently and profitably produce equipment for livestock, lawn and garden, and crop farming applications.

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As with any industry, quality and reliability are necessary for the success of the agriculture business. FENN utilizes a team of highly experienced engineers to design and build metal forming machinery that is ideally suited for each customer’s business. Production processes, manufacturing trends, and safety processes evolve within every industry and we help our clients explore innovative techniques, balanced with tried and true practices for a truly custom solution. Below are examples of applications achieved with our metal forming equipment.

FENN’s offers both single and dual point Torin Spring Coilers. The Torin line of coilers can produce a variety of spring types including compression, extension, torsion, magazine, belting, rings and wire forms with wire diameters ranging from .003” to .750” (.076 – 19 mm).  All Torin coilers and designed and build in the USA.

Related to the agricultural manufacturing industry, FENN’s Torin Spring Coilers can be used to produce:

  • Springs and wire forms for the lawn and garden industry:
    – Lawn mowers
    – Garden hose nozzles
    – Sprinklers
  • Suspension springs for farm equipment
  • Support springs for machinery seats
  • Spring and wire forms for agricultural equipment such as:
    – Plows
    – Seeders
    – Sprayers
    – Spreaders
    – Cultivators
    – Feed and Sanitation Augers
    – Balers
    – Harvesters
    – Mowers
  • Springs for use in irrigation equipment
  • Shaped wire for waste management and removal, such as that which is used in hog farming

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Watch this video to see a Torin dual point spring coiler in action!

Red Lines for Metal Forming Company

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