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FENN machinery is designed and built in-house at our headquarters in East Berlin, CT, USA. We are proud to support our customers with a variety of after-sales services such as training, spare parts, rebuilds, retrofits & upgrades, and new equipment integration.

Torin Spring Coilers Currently In-Stock:
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Torin Spring Coilers

Adaptability is the key to success in today’s competitive manufacturing market. To help your business stay competitive, FENN offers the Torin line of high speed, versatile spring coiler machines, now available in both single or dual point configurations. Choose the spring making machine that best fits your business needs.

FENN offers single point Torin coilers available for wire ranging from .003” to .750” in diameter. A Torin FZ Series spring coiler can produce a variety of springs including, but not limited to, compression, extension, torsion, belting, magazine, constant force, shaped wire, wire forms, and rings.

The Revolution Series utilizes the same robust mechanics, and reliable, accurate controls as the FZ Series with the use of two-point coiling technology. FENN offers dual point Torin coilers available for wire ranging from .008” to .750” in diameter. Torin’s R-Series of dual point spring coiling machines can manufacture round compression and extension springs. Torin spring coilers are built for fast set-up and changeover of springs with the spring program generator.

Already have a Torin spring coiler? Looking to increase production or upgrade to new technologies? Learn more about FENN’s ability to rebuild, upgrade, or retrofit your coiler! Contact us today and check out this page for more information.

FENN Swagers Currently In-Stock:
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FENN NF-2 Rotary Swaging Machine

FENN NF-2 Rotary Swaging Machines:
Solid Capacity of 1/16″ (1.59 mm)
Tubing Capacity of 1/4″ (6.35 mm)

FENN Swagers

FENN offers a full range of swaging machines. Swaging is the process of shaping metal (forging) by means of a series of very rapid blows delivered by rotating hammers and forming dies around a piece of work. Swaging is an economical method to point tubing, rod, and wire for redraw; and to size, reduce, shape, taper, bond or form metal parts, hot or cold. Metal is formed – not machined – so there are no wasteful chips.

Swaging can be performed both hot or cold, although cold is popular because of its hardening effect on most materials. The process also improves grain structure, giving the part greater strength and an unusually fine finish.

FENN designs solutions to maximize efficiencies and ultimately reduce swager operating costs. In addition to designing new and customized systems, FENN can also retrofit and integrate current systems around an existing piece of FENN equipment. Contact us to learn how we can maximize efficiencies of your existing swaging process or design a new system for your production requirements.

FENN Turks Heads Currently In-Stock:
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FENN 2U-HP Turks Heads with Fine Adjustment

FENN 2U-HP Turks Heads with Fine Adjustment:
Maximum Rectangle 1.0 x 2.0 (mm)
Maximum Square 2.0 (mm)
Maximum Speed: 120 meters per minute

Roll assemblies not currently in-stock, but can be ordered and assembled per request.
*Can be converted to a 3U-HS see brochure for details and sizing specifications.

FENN Turks Heads

Turks heads are used for the direct formation of round material to squares, rectangles and special shapes. A Turks head machine operates on the rolling mill principle and imparts the same qualities to the metal as a rolling mill does, providing superior surface finish, accurate size and shape, and improved grain structure of the metal. Turks heads differ from rolling mills in the number and arrangement of rolls. A Turks head utilizes two pairs of rolls, one pair  arranged horizontally, while the other arranged vertically. The material is formed and shaped through the Turks head by either a pulling device such as a Capstan, or by driven rolls in power-driven models.

A Turks head device can be used on its own as part of a larger process. FENN offers custom solutions to suit your shaping requirements and can design a wire shaping line specifically suited to your process. FENN is proud to supply power-drive, pull-through, and mill-type turks heads. Contact us to learn which option is best for your business!

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