Medical Device Industry

Our innovative metal forming equipment is instrumental to the medical device industry. For over 100 years, we have been providing our customized machinery to companies producing medical devices used in almost every specialty, including (but not limited to): orthodontic wires, replacement joints, catheters, stents, cosmetic applicators, cardiovascular devices, and endoscopy scopes.

Red Lines for Metal Forming Company

We know the importance of quality in any manufacturing, but especially when it comes to medical devices. Our commitment to precision and perfection paired with our ability to create a customized piece of machinery to meet our clients’ exact specifications makes us an ideal partner for the medical device industry.

Our turks heads, swagers, wire flattening and shaping lines, and spring coilers are being used worldwide to help medical device producers increase their efficiency and profitability without ever sacrificing quality.

To find out more about how our turks heads, swaging equipment, wire flattening and shaping lines, or spring coilers can improve the efficiency and quality of your medical device production, contact FENN now.

Red Lines for Metal Forming Company

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