MACBEE Drawing Equipment

New standard product offerings from FENN!
Various drawing equipment utilizing MACBEE’s simple and reliable mechanics.

Engineered & Built in the USA

FENN takes pride on manufacturing custom machinery based on our clients needs across various product lines. We’re pleased to welcome our latest standard product offerings to our metal forming machinery portfolio: the complete MACBEE line of specialty machinery! Various drawing equipment is available for all stages of your drawing process.

New FENN Products

  • Pointers
  • Spoolers
  • Spooler Payoff & Takeup Equipment
  • Multi-pass Draw Machines
  • Bull Blocks
  • Dead Blocks
  • Wire/Rod Payoffs
  • De-Scaler/Wire & Rod Cleaners

Ancillary Options

  • Accumulators
  • Rotating Die Boxes
  • Dead Block Takeup Units
  • Upenders
  • Crimpers
  • Packaging Turntables
  • Rebuilds & Retrofits
  • Spare Parts
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Bull Blocks

For wire or tube .010” – 2” diameter | Block sizes up to 96” diameter | Air or water cooled blocks available

Means of drawing wire, as a single unit. Wire is reduced in the die box, and collected in the capstan as a lose coil, or it goes into another process from the capstan. It can be used as a single unit, or in tandem with other machines.

Types of Bull Blocks:

  • Horizontal Bull Block- used for single draw coil removal on block pins or in line with Spoolers or Dead Blocks
  • Inverted Bull Block- used for single bright basic draw coils onto turntable. Inverted blocks can be above ground or with a pit for turntable (indexing turntables are available)
  • Vertical Bull Block- to be used with block strippers.
  • Barrel Pack Bull Block- paying out wire from a barrel

Inverted Bull Block Above Floor

Inverted Bull Block with Pit

Barrel Pack Inverted Bull Block

Side Winder Bull Block

Vertical Stripper Bull Block

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Dead Blocks

For wire or tube up to 7/16” | Block sizes up to 36” diameter

Dead Blocks are a stationary horizontal shaft, curved arm type machine.  They are utilized for drawing and/or coiling of wire, always as a finisher and normally in conjunction with a draw machine. When used in line with another draw machine or draw line, Dead Blocks make it a non-stop operation.

Types of Dead Blocks:

  • Free Standing- Draw or coil
  • Double Draft- Infinite to 30% R/A between blocks.
  • V-Groove Dead Block TakeupIdeal for use with annealing ovens and coating lines.
  • Live Block TakeupIdeal for use with annealing ovens and coating lines


Free Standing Dead Block

Double Draft Dead Block

Live Block Takeup

V-Groove Dead Block Takeup

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De-Scalers/Wire & Rod Cleaners

Speeds from 800-1750 FPM

To clean the OD of wire, the De-Scaler takes the scaled material off wire rod that has been heat treated and has a scale on it. Can be used offline or inline during the wire drawing process.

Types of De-Scalers:

  • Brush System- uses brushes to clean the scale off, for any type of wire up to ½” diameter.
  • Breaking Roll System- uses rolls to clean the scale off, for any type of wire up to ¾” diameter.

6 Breaking Roll Cleaner System

6 Brush Cleaner System

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Multi-pass Draw Machines

.006” – ½” diameter for tubing and wire | Speeds up to 3350 FPM
For all types of solid wire, specialty metal wire & various types of tubing.

Unlimited number of passes  and combination of motors and block sizes to suit your needs. Available with no cooling, air cooling and air/water cooling for blocks and water-cooled dies that are suitable for dry powder lube drawing and wet lube drawing.

Types of Multipass:

  • Dry Lube Drawing – Ideal for sink drawing of tubing
  • Wet Lube Drawing –
    • Slip type
    • Non-slip type via dancer
  • X Series – Modular construction
  • Dancer Type Drawing – Used primarily in multi-hole drawing. It can accommodate any R/A % between each block and makes up for any wear on the die and still follow line speed. It is an ideal machine for running multiple ranges of finish sizes.


Dancer Type Drawing

Wet Lube Drawing

Dry Lube Drawing


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Roll pointers are available to prepare rods or tubing for wire drawing. As an alternative to swaging, roll pointers include a pair of rolls instead of dies, which are driven manually or by a motor.
Each pointer has a pair of rolls, grooved to your specifications. The grooves will continue to get smaller which allows the material passing through to get to a desired finish size.

Machinery Configurations:

  • Manual Roll Pointers – for fine wire or tubes
  • Motorized Roll Pointers – for larger wire or tubes

Pointer Sizing

Custom rolls are available for tubing and specialty shaped wire. Measurements are in inches.

‘A’ Series Manual Pointer

‘C’ Series Motorized 2 Roll Pointer

‘D’ Series Motorized 4 Roll Pointer

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Spooler Payoffs & Takeups

Speeds from 10 FPM – 3,000 FPM & Spool weights from 1 lb. – 10,000 lbs.

Payoffs and Takeups are for wire from a process line such as: Annealing Furnaces and Coating Lines, Multi-draw machines, Bull Blocks, etc.

Types of Payoffs & Takeups:

  • Continuous Payoff and Takeup System – Used for a non-stop annealing or coating process. Either Payoff or Takeup spool can be changed while material is accumulated on the other block
  • Annealing/Coating Payoff and Takeup System – Used for inline paying off and taking up for an annealing or coating process
  • 34 Takeup System – Used following a heat treatment process where multiple wires coming through a furnace are collected. Different capstans are pulling wire through the process, and a traversing wire guide lays the wire onto different spools

*Spooler Takeups with collapsible arbors available for coreless packages*

Continuous Payoff and Takeup System

Annealing/Coating Payoff and Takeup System

34 Takeup System

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For all sizes and shapes of tube and wire .001” – .750”
*Additional custom size ranges available for cable*

To takeup up wire from a process, Spoolers can be in conjunction with all types of machinery such as Bull Blocks, Multi-pass machines, and Rewinders.

Types of Spoolers:

  • Levelwind/Traversing Spooler- Reciprocating spool for inline spooling. Also available for specialty rewind lines. Up to 6,000 lbs.
  • Simple Tabletop Spooler Economic Rewind- for rewinding larger spools to smaller spools. 5 lbs. – 150 lbs.
  • Spool Rewinder System – Single unit that can payoff and takeup. Up to 10,000 lbs.


Levelwind/Traversing Spooler

Simple Tabletop Spooler Economic Rewind

Spool Rewinder System

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Wire/Rod Payoffs

Up to 10,000 lb. capacity

To payoff wire or rod into a process line.

Types of Payoffs:

  • Overhead- rod sizes up to 5/8” diameter
  • Horizontal Rod- rod sizes up to 2 ½” diameter
  • Payoff Turntable- up to 84” diameter top plates

Horizontal Rod Payoff

Overhead Payoff with Coil Upenders

Overhead Payoff with Cage

Overhead Payoff with Turntable

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Ancillary Wire Drawing Equipment

A selection of ancillary options are available to add to your drawing process.

Ancillary Options:

  • Accumulators – for precise speed following between two machines
  • Rotating Die Box – ideal for maintaining round wire and longer die life
  • Dead Block Takeup Unit – ideal for nonstop operation in a drawing line
  • Upenders – ideal for taking a horizontal coil and making it vertical to payoff or banding
  • Crimpers – used primarily for mesh wire
  • Packaging Turntable – to convert normally unruly stands of wire coils (random fall) into high density packages (pattern laid). For use with Dead Block machinery.


Packaging Turntable

Rotating Die Box

Stripper Block


Dead Block Takeup Unit

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Rebuilds, Retrofits & Spare Parts

Dead Block Rebuild Before

Dead Block Rebuild After

For a partial to full restoration of older MACBEE machinery. This includes the replacement of certain obsolete components and controls.

Over time, applications and production requirements can change and machines may no longer prove useful in their original configuration. For a fraction of the cost of a new machine, MACBEE equipment owners can increase the machine’s capabilities and stay current with safety standard.

FENN can provide an upgrade solution for your existing MACBEE machinery – whether that be through a Rebuild or Retrofit.

How does the rebuild process work?

FENN will have a discussion about the condition, age, wear and production goals of your machine, then an inspection of your current machine will be done. Our team will then provide you with a comprehensive evaluation which will outline customized recommendations and estimates of time, labor and materials required for the rebuild/retrofit.

Spare Parts

Ordering spare parts and accessories from the OEM guarantees that you receive the correct item and ensures that the quality and compatibility of the part will match that of the original machine.

Don’t know exactly what you need?
FENN’s staff will take the time to work with you to understand your unique requirements.