Wire Flattening & Shaping Lines


Wire Flattening & Shaping

Why Choose FENN Wire Flattening & Shaping Equipment?
FENN wire flattening & shaping lines can be customized to suit your specific application.

Are you looking to make specialty shaped wire? Join the growing list of clients across the globe, who trust FENN equipment to make their production goals a reality. Worldwide, FENN wire flattening & shaping machinery has set the standard for precision, production, reliability and versatility. For any application from .002” to 2.00” (.05mm to 50mm) inlet diameter. We pride ourselves on providing high-speed lines that can meet aggressive machine production requirements. With some applications we are able to achieve up to 3,000 feet per minute (15.25 mps).

FENN has been a leader is quality wire flattening and shaping machinery for over 120 years. Our experts take the time to design and build the right machines to fit your exact specifications and fulfill your unique production requirements. With experience building standard metal forming equipment, as well as customized metal forming machinery solutions – FENN's product and service offerings can help increase productivity for your business. A wide range of industries across a variety of applications, trust FENN for their wire shaping mills. We will design an effective combination of equipment to accurately and economically produce your product. From the machine's conception and design, to creating a pass schedule, designing the appropriate rolls, and implementing the appropriate measuring equipment, we will ensure your project is handled expertly from beginning to end. Contact us today to begin a conversation and learn how quickly and accurately you can produce shaped wire!

FENN’s comprehensive range of wire shaping & flattening equipment is suitable for rolling both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Each application is reviewed in detail by our experienced in-house engineering team to determine the correct arrangement or necessary equipment for each customer’s specific requirements. Many applications can be achieved with a single stand, two-stand tandem, or three-stand tandem mill arrangement. For certain applications with more aggressive reductions, additional stands may be added or used in conjunction with edgers, draw blocks,  pay-offs & take-ups, turks heads, dancers, and rolling mills to process the material requirements.

Our wire shaping lines are not limited to the rolling of natural edged flat wire: square, rectangle, trapezoid, oval, half-round, and many other shapes can be rolled with the proper selection of equipment. With ample experience in the fields of engineering and manufacturing metal forming machines, FENN provides state-of-the-art equipment to suit your most demanding production requirements.


  • Inline pre-draw
  • Speeds up to 3,000 FPM (915 MPM)
  • Accurate tension & speed control
  • Touch screen HMI
  • Servo traversing wind
  • Lateral adjustment
  • 2HI / 4HI design dependent upon application


  • Take-Ups
    • Traversing Pintle Spool Type – supports both sides of the spools
      • For spools have through bores and large capacity
    • Traversing Cantilever Type – for spools and collapsible drums
      • Can accommodate multiple different spools and collapsible drums on interchangeable mandrels connected to the spool shaft
      • Provides easy access for spool removal
    • Traversing Wire Guides Type – most economical option
      • Used for irregular shapes that do not require precision winding
      • Suitable for spools or collapsible drums
    • Dancers / Tensiometers – can be used separately or in combination in the same line to cover a full range of material
      • Synchronizes the speed between different units in the line and controls constant tension in the material
      • Dancers are air loaded using a linear potentiometer for speed control
      • Tensiometers use a roller connected to a solid state transducer


Do you have an older wire shaping machine or line that is not operating to its maximum potential? Have your project and production requirements changed? Does your metal forming process require updates to meet new specifications? FENN’s experienced engineering team offers a comprehensive evaluation of your equipment and will recommend an upgrade package that will ensure your equipment preforms to its fullest potential.

Contact us or send an email to sales@fenn-torin.com to learn more about our rebuild and upgrade programs.



  • Photovoltaic Wire LineThree wire flattening mills in tandem were used, running up to 2600 FPM (800 MPM). The line featured SPC & AGC technology along with precision, speed, and tension control to ensure high accuracy.
  • Orthodontic WireA turks head paired with SPC & AGC ensured precise production of wire.
  • Medical Wire LinesProcesses ultra-fine medical wire used is applications such as catheter reinforcement and in stents.
  • Automotive Wire – An arrangement of both wire flattening and shaping equipment used to produce wire for collet sections.
  • Wellscreen WireA rolling mill and turks head arrangement can be used to produce wedge shaped wire used in oil and water wellscreen production.
  • Retaining Ring WireFeatures four rolling mills with an edger, a turks head, and speed & tension control dancers.


FENN specializes in clientele with no previous wire shaping or flattening equipment experience. Let our years of experience and expertise work to your advantage! We will design an effective combination of equipment to accurately and economically produce your product. From the machine's conception and design, to creating a pass schedule, designing the appropriate rolls, and implementing the appropriate measuring equipment, we will ensure your project is handled expertly from beginning to end. Contact us today to begin a conversation and learn how quickly and accurately you could be creating shaped wire!




FENN’s people made the difference.

Our business was looking to continue the progression of new and improved equipment to meet the changing needs of our customers. We chose to work with FENN on this project because of their willingness to collaborate on design features to meet our specific requirements for a machine of this size. This was a 15-month process from initial discussion to final program sign-off and machine installation. Communication was excellent throughout the building process. We were able to collaborate on any items, whether it was with FENN’s executives or directly with the machine builders. As with any custom first-off machine, there were minor issues that needed to be addressed. FENN corrected each of these and provided dedicated staff and resources to do so, which is one of the reasons we chose them for this project. The machine is actually exceeding our expectations. After having gone through a similar project 10 years ago, the FENN team improved all aspects of this project – from communication to delivery to the final product. From the initial outreach and conversation with the executive team, all the way through the delivery and minor issue corrections, it was done with people. FENN’s people made the difference. Since the beginning, a very important part of our decision making-process was wanting to work with a company that closely resembles the culture of our business and FENN met and exceeded our expectations.

Tony Pesaresi
President / Winamac Coil Spring, Inc.

FENN was very easy to work with

We decided to have our worn-out W-125SA Torin mechanical coiler retrofitted to a 2-axis servo coiler because our production required more feed length than a standard mechanical offered. We have other FENN-Torin coilers in our shop and are pleased with the support and customer service. The 2-axis retrofit has met our expectations as far as ease of set-up, since there was really no learning curve to the set-up and programming of the retrofit. We are now able to take spring production jobs we couldn’t run before on the mechanical W-125SA. FENN was very easy to work with during the retrofit process, keeping us updated on progress of the rebuild with pictures and a video of the finished machine. We recommend the Torin retrofit program as an economical way of rebuilding used FENN-Torin coilers, it was the right choice for us. We are also purchasing a rebuilt/retrofitted FENN-Torin FZ-115 6-axis coiler, to be delivered in February 2020.

John Bentz
James Spring & Wire Co.

FENN-Torin is our choice

In 2018 Mann-Hummel decided to replace an outdated cam driven spring coiler on a high-speed valve assembly machine. We use these valves in our oil filters for O.E. and Aftermarket customers. The equipment had become inefficient and spare parts were becoming difficult to find. The age and design of the equipment also made it difficult to train new personnel. We recognized it was time to modernize. We are not experts in making springs, so we had to increase our knowledge before making this important purchase. We researched on the internet and contacted several spring suppliers. After making several contacts we decided to observe several brands of spring coilers in a production environment. This also gave us the opportunity to ask questions about the equipment they had purchased. After talking with several spring technicians in the field we decided on a FENN-Torin Spring Coiler. Our Torin coiler has been in use for about a year now. Efficiency has increased and overall equipment repair cost is down. Although there have been learning curves with the new equipment FENN-Torin has supported us every step of the way. We are currently looking at a second coiler coupled with an assembly machine. FENN-Torin is our choice.

Terry Alred
Mann & Hummel Purolator Filters, LLC

High Quality Machines & Excellent Service

We use FENN as the supplier of Wire Flattening & Shaping Line for our wedge wire (Screen Wire) production because of their experience in producing similar equipment and their top notch reputation in the industry. FENN’s engineers and metallurgy experts worked closely with our team in all aspects of the project – from examining and understanding our material specifications to machine design, trial run at their works prior to shipment, and finally Start Up, Commissioning & Training of our operators at our factory in India. We are very pleased that FENN ensured that all of our requirements were met, and that the machine functioned with precision, quality and reliability. I would highly recommend FENN for any company looking for a high quality machine supported by excellent customer service and metal forming process expertise.

Prakash Shah
Bilfinger Water Technologies (India) PVT. LTD.

Trusted Fenn for Decades

Ulbrich has trusted Fenn wire flattening and shaping lines for several decades to produce the highest quality shaped and flatwire available. Fenn's experienced staff has provided the process knowledge required to select, design and build machines to suit specific applications. Fenn machinery has always proven very reliable, consistently satisfying our critical tolerances and specifications. At Ulbrich, we pride ourselves on offerings superior products for over 90 years, and trust Fenn machinery to get the job done.

Chris Ulbrich
Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Specialty Metals

Top-Notch Machines

In 2009 we decided to purchase our first ‘Z’ CNC Coiler. The efficiencies gained by reduced setup time, increased throughput, and significantly reduced scrap rate while holding extremely tight tolerances was immediately realized through a complete statistical analysis. The machine paid for itself within months. Success with our first Torin ‘Z’ CNC led Springfield Spring to purchase another ‘Z’ CNC coiler, followed by three more of the latest model, the Torin FZ Series. Our five newest Torin spring coilers replaced all of our mechanicals, freeing up substantial space for new business endeavors. Fenn not only produces a top-notch machine but their sales, service, applications, and technical professionals are second to none. Fenn acts and responds like a business partner, not your traditional machine ‘dealer’.

Ryan Nadeau
Springfield Spring Corporation