FENN is a one stop shop for all your custom metal forming machinery, service, and OEM spare parts. Our experienced team proudly designs and manufactures all metal dies & hammers in-house, located in East Berlin, CT, USA. If you are purchasing a new metal forming machine or have an older machine, FENN will be here for you with any assistance you may need.

Swage Dies and Hammers

We are proud to supply companies who own FENN swagers with all their swage dies and hammers. Fenn can also supply dies and hammers for other swager brands (die designs may be necessary). All swage dies and hammers are custom designed to specifications and are made in-house. Our skilled team will start with your desired finished part and design the dies to your specifications. This begins the die making process. Dies and hammers can be made for any size FENN swager, NF through 8F.

The Die Making Process

The die making process starts with an oversized soft blank of tool steel. We take the oversized steel to our milling center. During this process, the blocks go through a rough grind to take off excess material, which makes it closer to its finished size. Once the blocks are rough ground, they get heat treated where the material will harden to spec. The hardened blocks then go to our surface grinder/blancher, where our machinist squares the material to finished size blanks.

Our facility continuously makes die blanks for inventory, to keep all model sizes in stock. This helps us keep up with demand, so when an order comes in, we can fulfill it in a timely fashion and lessen the turnaround time tremendously. Once a die order has been placed, we have our experienced staff create the die design, or we will use a design that has been provided by the customer. Our machinist will then begin to process the order, starting with grabbing the correct size blanks we have previously made from our stock room. They will then bring the blanks to an Electronic Discharge Machine (EDM). This machine will cut a cavity in the steel to match the specifications of the customer.

When the die comes off the EDM it has scale, which can be described as a matte finish. The dies will then go through a polishing process, which creates a smooth, mirror like surface. It is imperative to have a smooth finish surface because the finish of the swaged part will match the finish of the die cavity. Once the product is polished and inspected, they are ready to ship. Our shipping department carefully packs all dies for safe delivery.

FENN encourages customers to order spare parts, dies, or hammers before their existing ones wear out. This allows for minimal down time due to already having a new set on hand. Your relationship with FENN does not end once you receive your swager and dies. You will be tied into a partnership for everything you need for the lifetime of your machine.