Improving Your Swaging Operation & Efficiency Through Swager Automation

Have you thought about improving your swaging operation? If so, you should consider adding automation to your process. Here at FENN, many different solutions are available to add onto your new or existing swaging operation.

Swager Automation Integration Solutions

FENN custom designs and fully integrates swager automation to maximize swaging efficiencies and reduce operating costs. By optimizing your swager operation with automation, you can increase your operator safety, and produce a more consistent quality part. Some of the current options FENN offers are door-mounted feeders, hydraulically operated feeders (HMI & Non-HMI versions available), and custom application feeders. Solutions also available are fully turnkey integrated solutions, sound enclosures, robotic integration, laser engraving, buffer & welding systems, and cutting systems.

Door-Mounted Feeders

Door-mounted feeders are an automated option that FENN can provide to your company. Mounted to the door of your swager, the DM (door-mounted) feeder uses hydraulically operated pinch rolls to grip and feed the material. This feed is engineered to work well with wire & rod customers looking to point their material for drawing applications. The DM feeders are also ideal for continuous thru swaging of spool material such as high tensile wire rope. Available for FENN swagers 3F-8F (others upon request), the DM feeders are scalable and range from a DM500-DM2500 (.500” – 2.500”).

Hydraulically Operated Feed Tables

Hydraulically operated feed tables are another option to add to your Fenn swager. Ranging in sizes from 18H – 60H (1.750” – 6.000”), hydraulic feeder tables are available for FENN swagers 3F-8F (others upon request). Hydraulic feeders are designed with a rigid base and a precision sliding top for fully accurate feeding. Hydraulic feeders are perfect for very tight tolerance applications, most found in the medical and aerospace industries. Hydraulic feeders are available in two versions: first with a programmable HMI and second a simpler version that runs off of a control station and limit switches. Both are fantastic options; however, the HMI version does allow for faster and easier setups due to the ability to save and download programs.

Custom Application Feeders

Custom application feeders are also available and can be designed to meet your unique and demanding production requirements. Custom application feeders are available for unique shapes, varying inlet sizes, or high-capacity applications. These custom systems can be designed for any FENN swager size NF-8F.

Hand feeding is dangerous and advised against in FENN’s operating manuals. A feeding device should be used whenever a swager is being used. By looking into adding integrated turnkey solutions, your team can benefit by improving equipment safety, and eliminating multiple various sources of products in turn causing mismatched equipment. This allows for a sole supplier (OEM) to design and create one seamless system.

Why Swager Automation?

The biggest benefit of adding swaging automation to your existing operation is to promote further operator safety by minimizing the operator’s involvement in the swaging process. Your team will also experience improvement in part quality & consistency, however FENN’s main goal is to increase operator safety while simultaneously reducing downstream costs. If you do not have a FENN machine, please contact us so we can assist with your existing operations. We enjoy custom designing and building solutions to take your swaging to the next level. FENN takes pride on being a one stop shop, bringing your team an in-house custom designing manufacture located in the USA.

To view our automated swager webinar, click here.