Torsion Springs

Torsion spring being
formed on a Torin
Gen. 2 FZ-10 spring coiler

If you look around there is a good chance that you will see items that contain a spring. Springs are common components to everyday objects – most pens have springs, your cell phone has some, your TV remote, clothes pins, non-aerosol hairspray bottles, staplers, thermostats, cars, and many other commonplace items. Each week this “Mini-Series” will tackle a different type of spring, design, and use. The topic for the first article of this series will be Torsion springs. Check back to see new content!

Clothespins with
Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are helical springs that exert rotary force and work by twisting along their axis. Torsion springs are often tightly wound so each coil makes contact with the next. When twisted, the spring exerts torque in the opposite direction, proportional to the amount it is twisted. The ends of a torsion spring can be formed however appropriate for the spring’s intended application. When producing torsion springs, the “coiling point” of a single point spring coiler can be raised or lowered during the coiling process, which allows for straight sections of the spring to be created. In a secondary step, or using a forming method, these spring ends can be shaped. Common uses for a torsion spring are clothespins, garage doors, and mousetraps. As these are very different products, in size and function, the types of torsion springs that are used are also different. Torsion springs used in garage doors can have two closed loop ends or hooks that are used for attaching to other components of the door. Torsion springs used in clothespins have two straight ends that push against the pin’s components to force it back to its original closed position. For certain applications, a double torsion spring may be used. Double torsion springs have one right-hand and one left-hand coil section connected together and working in tandem.

There are many different types of springs, and unlimited uses for them. However, one aspect that is important across the board, is how well a spring is made. Torin spring coilers have been trusted for over 100 years to manufacture consistent, accurate, and quality springs. While there are many different types of spring making machinery, FENN is the exclusive provider of the well-known and trusted Torin brand. With a “made in the USA” reputation, spring makers know they are producing reliable springs on quality spring forming machinery. A final product is only as good as its parts, and springs are integral parts in many products.

Torsion Springs