Pandemic Safety Strategies


Trying to navigate the new world as we know it has been no easy task. No one could have predicted what was going to happen two years ago. COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in our lives and given everyone the task of adapting. 2021 became the year companies evolved and implemented ‘here to stay’ safety procedures in their day-to-day business. While safety in manufacturing looks different for everyone, one thing remains constant: all companies want their employees as well as customers to feel comfortable and safe.

FENN has created a safe work environment for our customers with a number of approaches. Continuing to keep up with new mandates if they arise is critical to maintaining safety protocols, as is being able to offer non-contact support if a customer prefers or requires it. Some of these approaches consist of virtual run offs, remote diagnosis, virtual training and phone and email support.

FENN can complete customer run offs, often called FATs (Factory Acceptance Tests), virtually, to our customers’ satisfaction. This gives customers who are purchasing a machine from us the ability to witness their machine in operation and meet acceptance requirements. This has allowed us to minimize the need for additional travel and limits the number of people required on site. It also allows for people who typically would not be able to travel for the run off to be able to watch their machine run.

All FZ and R series Torin spring coilers consist of updated programming that allow the buyer to engage in remote diagnosis. This also allows us to connect to the machine over the internet, to identify and evaluate issues and propose solutions. The software can provide an immediate diagnostic report. In some instances, FENN’s service technicians can remotely fix the issue so no in-person interaction is needed. If a customer decides to invest in a control upgrade or retrofit to their existing machine, they will acquire the ability for FENN to log in virtually and get remote diagnostic support. New machines that have updated electrics and equipment not only improve efficiency, quality and safety, but require less maintenance than an older machine.

Whether your company purchased a new machine, upgraded an existing machine, is starting to hire new employees, or is managing staff turnover, we have the tools to train you. Virtual training provides opportunities for a company to train when needed, if they are unable to travel or allow a service technician into their facility. While in-person training is recommended and necessary when dealing with new machines or controls for full understanding, virtual training can be done on a case-by-case basis. Dedicated email addresses and phone numbers for support are available 24/7 and can be promptly directed to the right person.

Some businesses halted due to the pandemic, but we have witnessed an uptick in business in several key industries directly related to manufacturing and specifically the springs industry. FENN has adapted with the times and has the resources available to our existing and new customers. This is key to maximizing a customer’s production time and lowering their down time. While continuing to offer these services from a distance, companies can seamlessly integrate new safety strategies while they keep up with the ever-changing world. At FENN, we are proud to do our part to stay ahead and keep everyone safe and healthy. Our aim is to put measures in place so our customers can continue to utilize these resources and safe practices now and in the future.