So, You Need A Custom Rolling Mill?

FENN offers a full range of Rolling Mill machinery for the production of precision strip in straight lengths or coil to coil rolling. Every rolling mill is designed with features to maximize uptime and increase production quantities. FENN Rolling Mills are available for a variety of materials, and a wide range of applications, across a diverse list of industries, like the automotive or agricultural industries. When choosing a Rolling Mill Machine that is suitable for your application, there are many variable factors to consider. The experts at FENN have outlined general information on what type of metal forming questions to expect during the consultation period of the process.

When first meeting with a potential customer, FENN will ask initial questions to better understand your rolling equipment needs and obtain the information necessary to recommend the right Rolling Mill for your application. Questions will include:

Rolling Mill


  1. What type of material are you working with?
  2. Is the application hot or cold rolling?
  3. What is the tensile strength of the starting material?
  4. What is the width, thickness, and length of the starting material?
  5. What is the finish thickness required?
  6. What tolerance is required?
  7. What vertical reduction per pass is required?



Rolling Mill

By asking these questions, FENN’s experienced engineers will determine the necessary roll diameter, required bearings, capacity, and the size of the mill motor. There are many factors to take into consideration when purchasing a FENN Rolling Mill Machine. For example, from a standpoint of bite, it is important to understand that there is a direct correlation between the diameter of a roll and the maximum reduction you can take. Don’t hesitate to let the experts at FENN assist you in choosing the right rolling mill for your business. After the collection of preliminary data and a discussion on your intended application, FENN will be able to recommend the best rolling mill for your specific production requirements. Contact our team or call FENN today, at 1.860.259.6600, we look forward to serving you!