Compression Springs

In this edition of “Springs, Springs, Springs!” Torin discusses the topic of compression springs.

Conical spring being
formed on a Torin Gen. 2
FZ-10 spring coiler

Compression springs formed
on a Torin R-12 dual
point spring coiler

Compression Springs: A compression spring is one of the most basic and widely recognized types of springs, it is simply a spring that compresses. When compressed, this type of spring will exert force in opposite directions while trying to return to its original spring shape. A few types of compression springs can include conical, barrel, and hourglass. Conical springs are a type of tapered compression spring with a unique cone shape. They have a larger diameter that funnel down to a smaller diameter. Often times, the spring back force that comes from pushing a button is due to a conical spring. These are also typically the types of springs found in the battery compartment of an item, such as a flashlight. A barrel type compression spring starts at a smaller diameter, increases in diameter at the center, then reduces diameter again to match the starting diameter size of the spring. The hourglass compression spring is an inverted barrel spring and can be designed so that each coil fits wholly or partially into an adjacent coil. Both barrel and hourglass springs are used in applications that require a low solid height, increased lateral stability, or resistance to surging. Examples can include automotive components, such as suspension systems and they can be used in consumer products like mattresses to provide comfortable, flexible support.

There are many different types of springs, and unlimited uses for them. However, one aspect that is important across the board, is how well a spring is made. Torin spring coilers have been trusted for over 100 years to manufacture consistent, accurate, and quality springs. While there are many different types of spring making machinery, FENN is the exclusive provider of the Torin brand. With a “made in the USA” reputation, spring makers know they are producing reliable springs on quality metal forming machinery. Manufacturers know a final product is only as good as its parts, and springs are integral parts in many final products.

Barrel Spring

Hourglass Spring

Conical Spring