For over 100 years, companies around the world have trusted FENN for their metal forming applications. While FENN’s new metal forming machines feature the latest in precision CNC technology and reliability, a significant capital investment for new equipment isn’t possible for every business. As such, FENN offers rebuild and upgrade programs to existing FENN equipment owners to extend the lifecycle of current machines and maximize return on investment.

This article explains the rebuild and upgrade process for FENN Swagers and Torin Spring Coilers, two of FENN’s most frequently upgraded metal forming machinery.

The Rebuild Process

FENN first completes a full mechanical and electrical evaluation, formulating customized recommendations based on equipment age, condition, and application. Upon a customer agreement, FENN experts will then rebuild and outfit the machine with updated, reliable OEM components. After completion, a final mechanical and electrical evaluation is performed to ensure precise functionality.


For decades, FENN has been producing high quality Swaging equipment. For a variety of industries, rebuilds can help prolong a Swager’s usable life and provide a greater return on investment. The Swaging process involves metal forming without cutting chips, and the practice can be used for reducing wire, tube, or rod. With FENN’s upgrade and rebuild services for aged Swagers, manufacturers can stay current with safety standards while improving accuracy and repeatability. Upgraded Swaging equipment also ensures reliable tolerances and part consistency to avoid material rework and lost production time.

Feeding Systems

When upgrading or rebuilding a Swager, new and existing owners are encouraged to consider adding Feeding Systems for safety and productivity. Feeders help establish a department tact time and reduce material re-work. In addition to increasing efficiency, Feed Systems also improve workplace safety by isolating the operator from the material. FENN offers a wide variety of Swager Feeding Systems, including manual feeds, door-mounted and hydraulic table feeds, as well as custom solutions.

Lastly, FENN’s die design experts can create customized dies and hammers to suit the unique requirements of each client to ensure they get the most of out their machine.

Spring Coilers

As a long standing and respected brand, FENN maintains a large installed base of older Torin model mechanical spring coilers. These spring coilers are used to create a multitude of springs across a variety of wire diameters. FENN offers both CNC control upgrades and mechanical retrofits, again, for Torin spring coilers. The Torin mechanical retrofit program is designed to maximize the potential output of older model Torin spring coilers with the latest Torin CNC technology. Additional mechanical retrofit benefits include:

  • Precise variable-speed servo control of the cam shaft allows adjustments to be made via software instead of mechanically
  • Precise servo control enables accurate feed length
  • Variable speed and position control of the cam shaft allows increased flexibility when making complex springs
  • An integrated probe interface ensures precise clocking of springs

CNC Control Upgrades

FENN also offers CNC Control Upgrades for older Torin servo-controlled coilers. The CNC Control Retrofit replaces the existing control system with state-of-the-art technology currently implemented on new coilers. This package eliminates the risk of relying on obsolete components as well as related issues including low production rates, poor quality springs, and worn mechanics.

At a fraction of the cost, owners can increase their metal forming machines capabilities, increase reliability, and reduce downtime with these additional equipment features:

  • Modern, intuitive touch screen provides ease of use while maintaining Torin spring programming method
  • All standard FZ series software features including Spring Shortcut spring program generator and Spring Portal, enabling connectivity for remote diagnostics and programming
  • Modernized platform ensures your metal forming machine can be supported for years to come
  • Increase the reliability of your machine
  • Minimize future downtime for repairs

Retrofitted machines are also beneficial as they become simplified with fewer mechanical parts that need potential future replacement. Upon completion, valuable mechanical parts that become obsolete in the retrofit process are crated and shipped back to the client for use on other mechanical machines, if desired. Clients can rest assured with FENN’s one year retrofit warranty and are pleased to find they can save time and labor with Torin’s modern CNC programming.

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Example of a FENN 051-Model 2HI Rolling Mill Upgrade:

January 03th, 2019 |