Growing an Innovative Manufacturing Company

Fenn is pleased to announce the appointment of two new members of the company’s leadership team. As a 115 year old company, Fenn is proud to keep its long standing tradition of producing high quality, innovative metal forming machinery to a global clientele alive, made possible by its strong leadership team.

“We continue to build a strong team across our entire business which prepares Fenn for growth opportunities and new markets to serve. Our new innovations in Metal Forming and Shaping Machinery, and the increasing demands from our global customers led us to look for additions to our team who will fit in with our ethos of cutting edge designs and exceptional service, and it is very fortunate we were able to find this caliber to fulfill these roles” said Paul Uccello, Fenn President.
Ryan Cutter joined the team in April of 2015 as the Director of Engineering for Fenn. Ryan has prior experience as an Engineering Manager of a dedicated R&D team at Parker Hannifin, as a Senior Engineer at UTC Power Technologies, and a Mechanical Design Engineer at BHS-Torin. Ryan holds both a B.S.M.E and an M.S.M.E, from University of Hartford. Ryan brings valuable leadership and technical skill from a variety of industries and plans to use his experience with innovation, R&D and machine design will help ensure a tradition of robust, reliable equipment while focusing on continuous improvement and innovation.
David Mika joined the Fenn leadership team in May of 2015 as the Director of Operations. In his current role, David will be responsible for all of operations, purchasing and scheduling. Before joining the Fenn team, David spent several years as an Operations Manager, Director of Manufacturing, Plant Manager, and Manager of Industrial Engineering in a high volume machining and metal industry. David worked for companies such as Sigarms, Savage Arms, Smith & Wesson, Avid Thermal Technologies, Watt’s Industry, Mid-State Machine Products and New Hampshire Ball Bearing. He has an A.S.M.E from Springfield Technical Community College and a B.S.M.E.T from the University of New Hampshire.

Fenn is looking forward to the valuable contributions of both new members of senior leadership.